Make America Great Again

Make America Great Again


An Americana Dream


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Trk No : 01

BPM : 142

Guitars and pounding drums build toward a wall of euphoria. Upbeat, hopeful and empowering.

Small City Big Dreams



Trk No : 02

BPM : 120

A cool groove builds to hope and overcoming. Guitars, drums and bass spell out good times ahead.

By The Hour



Trk No : 03

BPM : 130

A serious and strutting build to a concert of guitar, drums and bass. Uplifting, powerful and strong.

0 to 60



Trk No : 04

BPM : 85

Cool and smooth Americana. Electric guitar, bass and drums tell the story of modern country.

Darlin’ Please Come Home



Trk No : 05

BPM : 62

Tender and warm. Guitar bass and drums flow steadily and build. Content and inspiring.

Dusty Road Home



Trk No : 06

BPM : 85

Upbeat Americana tells of a hard day's work and the beers, cheers and friends that are waiting at the bar. Positive and uplifting.

Hold My Hand And Don’t Let Go



Trk No : 07

BPM : 64

Dreamy, shimmering guitar floats over bass and drums, building, confident and strong.

Til The Cows Come Home



Trk No : 08

BPM : 130

Upbeat, strutting guitar, bass and drums. Confident, proud and dynamic.

Papa Used To Say



Trk No : 09

BPM : 71

Modern bluegrass guitar mixed with country style. The open expanse of the plains. Uplifting, inspiring and building.

Loving You Broke My Heart



Trk No : 10

BPM : 94

Soulful country. Cool and smooth with a swagger. Guitars, organ, bass and drums chug over peaks and troughs.

Train Surfing



Trk No : 11

BPM : 75

Warm country blues. Steady, flowing and relaxed. Strong and confident.